Friday, 11 June 2010

Kell's June Biscornu

Design: Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu
Designer: Kell Smurthwaite, Kincavel Krosses

I thought I’d try a few specialty stitches this month. I pretty much stick exclusively to cross stitch and blackwork, so this was something of an experiment for me. I used:

- Rhodes squares
- Rhodes butterflies
- Algerian eyes
- Ray stitch
- French knots

I’m not particularly fond of French knots and thought it was about time I got over my dislike, so I decided to add quite a few to this design! I almost wimped out and used beads, but in the end, I plucked up the courage to go the whole hog and do the knots. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out and by the end of it; I think I’d finally got a bit more comfortable with doing them. I’m still not overly fond of them, but I know now that if it’s required, I can do them and not have them look completely dreadful!

I used two sparkly fabrics I received in a Polstitches grab bag. Both are 28-count linens, but one is a light tangerine colour, the other is pale lemon, and they moth have a slightly mottled effect. In order to have a bright and contrasting biscornu, I chose to do my stitching in bright pink and orange. I had bought two little gold butterfly buttons for the centre, but as I decided to stitch over one instead of over two (as I had originally planned), they were too large for this project and I used two orange beads instead. Those little butterflies will definitely get used at some point in the future though – they’re too pretty to leave!

So, here I am, half way through the year with half of my biscornu finished!

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