Sunday, 20 December 2009

Tigerin81's December biscornu

Here is my final December biscornu. The pattern is from TGOS magazine, issue 23 (dec. 2007). It's rather small, only 2 inches, and it completes both my blackwork set of three peices (a 15-sided biscornu, a zigougou and a biscornu) and this 12 months project.

And these are all 12 biscornus I've made during this year. It was a great pleasure to participate. Thank you all of you for this project, for going all the way and congratulations to those who have made it to this point!

My biscornus usually live in the basket, but I took them out and spread them on the table so that they all could be seen nicely.

Happy Holidays!
Elena K.


  1. They look great!

    Well, I managed the first six months, but...

  2. OMG they are absolutely gorgeous! And such stunning finishing! How did you do that ruffling edge with the ribbon??? I have tried but failed miserably. Thankyou for sharing such a fantastic collection!