Thursday, 24 December 2009

Only two and a half months to go

Hi everyone well only two and a half months left well done to everyone (not me, lol) who has managed to produce a biscornu every month, there have been some stunning designs. I was thinking for December to maybe set a target to have your December biscornu done by midnight on December 24th Christmas Eve that way I can do the draw for Christmas Day, anyone who doesn't want to do this please let me know.

I have decided for next year to leave the blog running as a kind of gallery so anyone wanting to post their biscornu pictures or anyone wanting to do their own biscornu SAL please feel free to do so. Anyone who would like to be removed from the blog for next year please let me know and can make a list ready for next year.

Happy Biscornu Stitching xx


  1. Good idea! Please keep me in for next year as I really will stitch up some biscornu when I get some extra time!! xx

  2. I would love to join in next year (I'm a newbie who only picked up stitching this year but have made a couple of biscornu and love them!).

    My blog is

  3. I like the idea!!! It'll be a real Christmas surprise! Add please my name for the next year.

  4. Hi Tracy,
    I've fallen behind with the once-a-month completions :( and I was doing soooo well earlier in the year. Please keep me in for next year so I can complete my set of biscornu.
    Thanks ~ Jeanne