Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Terry's September Biscornu

Well, let's see if I can get this up. I've had it done for quite a few days now but I had a monkey wrench thrown at me in the beginning of the month when dh ended up in the hospital for a week. (He's better now but will be a slow recovery.) This month's biscornu was a fun one to do more so than usual. I used a piece of fabric from my stash along with Dinky Dye's silk limited edition, Autumn Sunset (this was acquired from European CrossStitch Company) and a freebie design entitled Fall Dreams 2008 from Alexandrina' freebie blog: http://matryoshkabiscornue.blogspot.com/ (I hope it's okay to post the link here, and if it is, look in the 2008 biscornus, you'll find the one there that I did; and she's got a lot of gorgeous and cute designs there that I'd love to as well!). Thanks for looking!!!

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