Thursday, 11 June 2009

Terry's June Biscornu

Well, it's the start of the summer months for me.... school is out for kids and the weather is warming up, so I thought what would be more appropriate than having a little sun. This is a cute design that was originally designed as a scissor fob, but I turned it into the biscornu. You can find this design at . If it's not appropriate to show where to find this design, please feel free to remove. I used a Dinky Dyes Oops silk and changed each of the sunshades to be a different color(purple, green, and black) even though it is hard to see in the picture. The design is stitched in a diamond shape, so I had to create a square backstitch around it to make it squared. Clear as mud?

Again, everyone has been doing some lovely designs. So tempting to do them all. And thanks for looking at mine!

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