Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sally's June Biscornu

This was originally my April biscornu but I had a change then I was planning on it being my May one! Not quite sure what happened other than there was a lot more stitching in this than I thought! It is Just Nan When Barnabee Met Bella and I love it!

I'm not sure I'll get anymore biscornu stitched for a while as it'll soon be the summer hols.


  1. Every single time I see this biscornu I keep wishing I had enough courage to do it myself! I won't though, not until I've mastered the art of making a biscornu! LOL!
    My first attempt failted. Will be trying again in a few weeks once I have the Just Nan bug out of my skin XD

    GORGEOUS finish!

  2. Really lovely. I have this one to but have not done much on it. Your's is just perfect.

  3. I have started this pattern for a birthday in August but you have to change colour so often it is not growing very fast, hopefully will be my biscornu in August.