Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Unveiling the disguised biscornu

It seems I didn't have to post a blurred version of my March biscornu as it arrived in plenty of time to show it to you. Here is my first 15 sided Super Biscornu.
Freebie Blackwork Biscornu
Stitch Creations

I did not fully stitch one of the panels so I could get my signature in. It's soooooo tiny, I just loved it.
1 over 1 signature

The first photo shows the true colors. I had a really hard time putting this in the mail to Spain, now I have got to do another one! Hope you like it and thanks for looking. I also wanted to say that I am enjoying seeing all the beautiful biscornu done by the blog members! You are all so creative it is truly inspiring. Can't wait for April!!

Gads, forgot to add: stitched on a Ziewgart tan linen with WDW Rust floss, some tortoiseshell beads left over from a previous project and an antique faux–leather button on each side from Mom's button box.


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  1. Yoyo, this is one absolutely fabulose piece!

    I see that you used the same blackwork patterns as I did for my March 15-sided biscornu, but yours looks different. And you chose not to stitch the border around each motif, which even confused me for a second ("hey, where did she get those motifs, I didn't stitch those", I thought.) The motifs do look different without the border.

    The signature looks great too.

  2. Yes, I really wanted a more "open" feel, so I took out the border and also moved the seam line out about 4 stitches from where it should have been and I think it worked well. It is certainly different than the others I've seen -- and some of them are gorgeous, including yours' which I liked very much.

  3. Very nice you must have a lot of work to make it.
    Greetings sofie

  4. Yoyo, I just saw your 15 sided biscornu. It looks great! Your Mom's faux leather buttons are a perfect compliment. The stitching is so perfect. I don't know if I would be able to give it away. Congratulations