Saturday, 21 March 2009

Terry's March Biscornu

Well, I think I'm trying for a monthly seasonal on my biscornus. So, since it was March, I decided to go with St. Patrick's Day as a theme. This is one that I got from The Gift of Cross Stitching online mag that I subscribe to. I changed out the colors and used a Waterlilies on the green with 2 skeins of NPI silk for the purple and yellow. It was a new experience for me to work with the NPI silks as I had never used them before and wanted to see if I liked them and wanted to use on another major project I'll be starting soon. Plus, I've got to run out and get some more stuffing as I've run out! And off to see what I want to do for an Easter Biscornu, and once again, I won't be peeking at all the wonderful biscornus until I make a decision on what I want to do because you guys pick out such nice designs that I wish I could stitch them all.


  1. This turned out really pretty. I agree, too many pretties on this blog, boggles my mind when I'm trying to decide too.