Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lesley's March biscornus

I've stitched two biscornus this month - one has been sent to my partner in the Tiny Treasures Exchange, the other will be landing in my basket!

Spring flowersP3111095

The yellow one has now arrived in the USA with my exchange partner, the blue one will be landing in my basket!

I feel it's a bit like cheating not to be stitching a traditional biscornu - that's why I've included photos here of both!


  1. They are both scrumptious!

  2. How in the world did you do that blue one. All of them are gorgeous and I love biscornus, but I need to know how to do that non traditional one! Please?

  3. Lesley if you won't mind e-mailing me the details as well I'm very impressed it's really unusual

  4. Lesley, I love the Lotus/Tulip whatever we're calling it this week. and the think the use of plaid fabric on the yellow is just genius.

    EVERYBODY Lesley posted a tutorial for the 15 sided biscornu on her blog and this blue one is a variation on that which she also posted directions for. And they are great directions Lesley, thank you so much for doing that.