Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lesley's first (unintentional) biscornu?


I finished my first biscornu of the year last night. It's a little different, so I hope I can still include it!

Here is my first 15 sided biscornu or banurukotti!

Snowflakes in the Snow

I say it was unintentional because, although I had the idea to stitch one of these bubbling away at the back of my mind, I had already started another 'normal' biscornu when the snowflakes came along and distracted me. Full details of how I made this are on my blog.

Although I've joined the group, I'm not promising to stitch one biscornu every month, but I hope I'll have at least 6 done by the end of the year. Another thing I'm intending to do is to stitch my biscornus all from my stash as I have several designs I've bought to stitch as biscornus but I've never got round to doing anything with them.


  1. It's fine to include it, it looks great

  2. Absolutely wonderful!! I'm definitely going to try this 15-sided biscornu (i.e. banurucotti) one day.
    I love your snowflakes, they go well with light-blue fabric.
    The photo is great too.

  3. Such a pretty one! I love the snowflakes.

  4. That is absolutely beautiful!

  5. It's absolutely wonderful! How big is the square size?

  6. It's beautiful and it won't melt. :)