Sunday, 8 February 2009

Hearts and Chocolate

Here is my February Biscornu....hearts and chocolate make it Valentine's Day for me. I am sorry to say that hubby cleaned off my desk this afternoon and threw the chart out because he knew I had finished the stitching...I looked, but I have a ton of heart charts on my computer so no luck. I'll try to find it and come back and edit the post (aaaarrrrgggghhhh!). Anyway, it's on 14 ct white aida, using DMC, and it is a free chart if I can find the link. I'm not extremely happy with the open space around the button, but I do want to keep this button as it is an antique from my mother's collection so I may add some feather stitches or something in those holes. Enjoy.


  1. It is very pretty. I hope you find the chart again and share with us all.

  2. Nice work and cute picture! Chocolate is always a Good Thing :)

  3. well done on a gorgeous finish :)

  4. Those choc's look yummy and your biscornu looks beautiful