Saturday, 28 February 2009

Claire's February Biscornu

I finished this little puppy at 2:15 am this morning. hee
It's a freebie from stitched with GAST Cherry Wine on white linen. This was a really fun, quick stitch. I had the front stitched in one night. The buttons are from my local frenchy's, they have buttons in baggies for sale, and I found the button before I picked floss. The beads I already had in my stash.

Claire =)


  1. Beautiful in red and I like the back label. To rouche ribbon, I attached the end of ribbon with thread to the biscornu. I gathered 1/2" of ribbon, pulled tight and stitched to biscornu every 1/4", gathered next 1/2" of ribbon, etc. To gather, stitch back and forth 3x before you pull.

  2. Claire, those are both lovely...and signing the back is a great idea.

  3. Great biscornu. I like signing the back too, makes it rather special.

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