Saturday, 28 February 2009

Irene's February Biscornu

28 ct. Jobelan Lambswool
DMC 937

Sonda's February Biscornu

Here's my February biscornu. This is the Jingle biscornu from the 2008 In the Tin/Over the Top series from Just Nan. It was very quick and easy to stitch up and is maybe 2.5 inches square.

Gabys Biscornu for February

This is a freebie design and I made a red and a white side...

Hazel's February Biscornu

Phew! Here is my biscornu for February just in time I think. It is from the pattern book Repertoire des Frises and uses Carries Caramel Apples and Gold and Mill Hill beads. It is pattern number 210.

Feb biscornu


Antonina's (lovebiser) February Biscornu

I called it Matreshka biscornu because embroidered figures remind me girls in round, some like Matreshka (Babushka) motives.

Design by
Fabric: Aida 18, white
Thread: DMC 115

Svetalilu's February Biscornu

Here is my February Biscornu.
Design By: Faby Reilly ”Snowflake Biscornu ”.
Fabric: Aida 18 count.
Threads: DMC 3756, 3840, 3839, 3838, Ecru, White. Beads.

Rosemary's February Biscornu

I never put so many stitches into a square space before, but I love the results. I've been stitching on it all month. It's stitched on 32 ct. Belfast linen using ThreadworX overdye floss. Finishing was done with petite beads and I rouched a 3/8" ribbon. The center is all petite beads too. Design is by Judy Odell from her "Attic Collection". Check out her website at I hunted high and low for copper colored ribbon but couldn't find any in time so green looks nice too. The photo includes a very old wooden box from my grandmother, some wooden spools from my mother, and the tuffet is my addition. For finishing, I fused interfacing to the inside and instead of a center button I just used a very strong quilt thread and sewed back and forth from back to front. It's holding together very well and stitches don't show. What do you think? I think next month I will make one with less stitches.

Claire's February Biscornu

I finished this little puppy at 2:15 am this morning. hee
It's a freebie from stitched with GAST Cherry Wine on white linen. This was a really fun, quick stitch. I had the front stitched in one night. The buttons are from my local frenchy's, they have buttons in baggies for sale, and I found the button before I picked floss. The beads I already had in my stash.

Claire =)

Sue's (Quirky) February Biscornu

This is my February biscornu. I decided against a bead in the middle, as I thought it would detract from the inner part of the design. The pattern is at …I think…or it may be at her blog……which I don’t have the addy for. The variety of biscornus on this blog is wonderful....and inspirational!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Suzanne's February Biscornu

Here is my February biscornu. I have chosen a Debbie Draper design and repeated the centre medallion on the back. I decided not to use buttons or beads because it didn't want to cover up the centre medallions.

Design: Spring Flowers (freebie found here)
Designer: Debbie Draper Designs
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - Antique white
Thread: Gloriana Silk - Highland Garden Dark
Finish: Biscornu

Missy's February Biscornu


This is my Feb. Biscornu. I decided on the obvious theme of Hearts.
Stitched on 28ct. Monaco over two.

Jayne's February Biscornu

Here is February's Biscornu it is a scissor keep done on 28 count grey evenweave, the patterns are from the Floss box.


Michelle's February Biscornu

Here is my February Biscornu. It is called Beaded Heart Biscornu by Polstitches Designs and I bought it from Sewandso (I can't download any of the freebies as I don't have a workable printer!).

I have changed it slightly from the original pattern, on the larger hearts there was a twirl effect above the star, but I left that out as I didn't like it. I also didn't use the suggested colour of a rainbow thread because I wanted to go for reds because of it being hearts and I chose the black for the border to make it stand out more. It's not often I have the courage to alter a design or stray from the suggested colours, but I'm really happy with the way this one has turned out.

Trillium's February Biscornu

This is a chart adapted from Plate 22 of "101 Folk Art Designs for Counted Cross Stitch," by Carter Houck (Dover Publications). I changed the center of the design in order to make them true heart shapes, and to utilize a glass bead for the center.

It is stitched with overdyed Victorian Sampler thread on linen.

Tomi's february biscornu

This's my february biscornu - Love Hearts Biscornu. The design by Marie-Anne Réthoret-Mélin. This biscornu is stitched with DMC 57 and 349.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Anita's february biscornu

Here's my february biscornu, I almost forgot to post it!
I designed this one myself using patterns from an old book about Karelian embroidery. The fabric is VERY uneven 28ct lugana and I had some trouble putting this one together, as you can see from the corners.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My_scraps (Ludmila)’s February biscornu

Nina Blagova’s design “Assorti”
DMC 4200 color variations
Zweigart - color oatmeal
Buttons perle – Tilda basics
Beads – just different

Olia's(hohla) Febuary Biscornu

Has finished for a basket February biscornu. It has turned out biscornu meetings of winter and spring

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Lesley's February biscornu

Flowers on the Square

Flowers on the Square from Elizabeth's designs with a beaded edge and tassels at the corners - it's the first time I've added tassels to a biscornu and I'm rather pleased with the end result!

Sally's February Biscornu

This is my biscornu for February. Stitched on 28 count pink dahlia fabric using DMC threads. Chart can be found here


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Olga's January Biscornu

Here is my second, January biscornu. Wow, that wasn't easy one. From the beginning everything was going wrong but I did it!!

For this one I used Just Nan design "Roayl Blossoms".

Monday, 16 February 2009

PurpleTX's February Biscornu

Here is mine for this month.


I made up another pattern instead of going with the one I made last month - I cut the fabric smaller than I meant to.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Pirjo's January Biscornu

Sorry I'm late posting, but this is my first, January biscornu. I got this in an exchange and wanted to stitch it right away.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Terry's February Biscornu

Well, I haven't looked in the blog since I finished my January Biscornu because I didn't want to be influenced by all the beautiful designs I'm sure I would have seen for February. So, I dug through my stash and came up with this one. It is from Papillon Creations called Heart Of My Heart and is a freebie on the website and comes from a larger design. So imagine my surprise when I saw that someone else stitched this one! I stitched mine on Carnation Pink linen and used WDW - Camellia for the lighter pink, and GAST Claret for the darker pink. I used 2 different buttons because I didn't have 2 of the same, and liked the look of each of them. The fabric doesn't show up too good, but it is a nice shade of pink. Thanks for looking!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Joanne's February Biscornu

Here is February's Biscornu. It is a freebie from Papillon Creation's called Lover Knot

You have to see this biscornu!

I just had to share this photo:


That's a DMC floss label! Is that an amazingly tiny biscornu or what?!

Jeanne :)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Hearts and Chocolate

Here is my February Biscornu....hearts and chocolate make it Valentine's Day for me. I am sorry to say that hubby cleaned off my desk this afternoon and threw the chart out because he knew I had finished the stitching...I looked, but I have a ton of heart charts on my computer so no luck. I'll try to find it and come back and edit the post (aaaarrrrgggghhhh!). Anyway, it's on 14 ct white aida, using DMC, and it is a free chart if I can find the link. I'm not extremely happy with the open space around the button, but I do want to keep this button as it is an antique from my mother's collection so I may add some feather stitches or something in those holes. Enjoy.


I have been through all of the posts from everyone and altered the labels to make things a little easier.

Could when you are posting add at least two labels, example this month's labels

February Biscornu
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This will make it easier to find everyone's posts.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Jeanne - February

Fabric: 14 ct aida
Thread: DMC

I chose these colors to compliment the little shell heart button.



Acereta's February biscornu

Here's my February biscornu. Stitched on white aida 14 count, floss - Madera melange 2406,

still don't remember where I took the design from

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tigerin81's February Biscornu

So I'm done with February. Hearts this time, as a tribute to Valentine's day. This is a design by Atalie from her 12 months series.
Stitched on 28 antique white evenweave with DMC Rayon floss. It turned out really big, the biggest in my collection so far. Maybe I should have used a higher number count, say 32. But I like it the way it is.
The edge is done with pearl pale green Czech 10/o size beads. The hanger is beads + ribbon.
Hope you like it and care to drop a comment.

Kathy's February Biscornu

Here is my February biscornu! This design is from a fellow blogger Kissy-Cross (Kirsten Schmidt) and is from a post on August 8th of 2008. Scroll down a bit and you will see this unique biscornu pattern! I used a bit of leftover Summer Sky opalescent Silkweaver fabric, and DMC. I used a shade darker blue for the flowers in one corner so they would be more visible on the blue fabric.
It was started on 2/2 and finished 2/4/09.