Friday, 30 January 2009

PurpleTX's January Biscornu

and an introduction too.....

First the pic: My January item
I decided after a long hunt thru all the buttons in the house & two tries to attach them, that this little guy is cool for now with no dimple. - I'll see if it stays that way, or it starts crying for a button.

and now for a little about me....
I found this challenge project on Tuesday January 27th. I bought supplies that evening. I finished the thing this evening.
I have been thinking of picking the x stitch back up for a while now (just to do a biscornu) I am GLAD I have!!
I have known how to cross stitch since I was 11. I did a lot of small projects when I was in high school & just after. I have been thinking about small hand crafts that I can do while between phone calls at my job, and I decided that this is one I can work on again. (I had been doing a lot of crochet & hand sewing ornaments.)

All the projects I have seen that others have posted - y'all are GREAT!!


  1. Well it's very pretty with or without a button.

    Sometimes it's easier to put the button on if you try using a button on both sides. Use a pretty button on the top and plain white on the bottom. Both buttons should have the same number of holes, and this won't work with a post button. Squeeze real tight and then your needle can go through both buttons, it can be just more stabilizing. Also using a regular sewing needle with a sharp point helps a great deal!!

  2. Very pretty I love the different use of colours

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  4. Amanda, it is lovely as it is.

  5. I agree it does look good without the buttons!! WTG!!