Sunday, 28 December 2008

Here'e my idea....

I am thinking of using these Painter's threads and using one thread for each biscornu. Not sure whether to do them all a similar size / style / design though. But then there are so many lovely designs of biscornu out there, I might be missing out by just sticking to the variegated threads. I was also thinking about each one on a pastel coloured linen. What do you all think and what are you thinking of?



  1. I like that idea the colours look fab

  2. Beutiful colours... as for me, I think this project may be a challenge to try different tecniques, not just cross-stitching, but also blackwork etc.. so may be I won't stick to one idea for all biscornu, and try different approach every month. But may be I'll change my idea. Actually I'd like to try different corours of fabrics for different biscornu.

  3. Oh, I like those threads.
    I haven't come up with a plan but I do have a large collection of hand-dyed threads that I thought I might use.

  4. Those are all lovely threads...perhaps you could use some of the square celtic knot that Ink Circles had as freebies...or there are some nice square designs at Papillion Creations